The Magic of Mis-Guided Tours

At Mis-Guided Tours, we’re storytellers. The kind of storytellers that bring towns and local communities to life.

Our aim is to bring fun and quirky events to various locations across the UK. And we’re starting in Newark-on-Trent. We’re using our passion for tourism to showcase what this wonderful town has to offer.

Our walking tours will open your eyes to the unique history of this picturesque market town. From secret underground tunnels to the dramatic 17th century Civil War – we create stories using a lot of escapism, a game of true or false and a whole heap of audience participation.

Victorian splendour

Adding to the event is our host location – Carriages Café.

We want our tours to be an experience like no other. And, what better way to begin that experience than by inviting guests to bask in an environment where chandeliers drip from high ceilings and sash windows peer onto train platforms.

Boosting the economy

A fringe benefit of Mis-Guided Tours is introducing out-of-towners to the lesser-known jewels in the UK’s crown. Newark is a town that’s accessible so visitors can easily discover hidden gems around every corner. We want to be an addition to the many attractions Newark has to offer and contribute to the local economy.

Meet the Mis-Guided Creators

Wendy Baird, Owner of Carriages Café

“I thought of the idea when I began to note the unusual names of the streets – Slaughterhouse Lane, Beast Market Hill etc and thought how interesting it would be to find out the history behind them.

Then I thought, (rather rapidly) actually it would be even more interesting to make up how they got their names and what happened to make it more entertaining. I was fortunate enough to meet The Professor (AKA Steve Cawte) and the rest is his-story…”

Professor Brian, Tour Guide

“Gunpowder, treason and plot or just a load of old rot? Newark’s packed full of history and intrigue and it’s going to be fun watching our guests take a guess at which stories are true and which ones are false.”

Here’s what our well-informed guests have had to say about their Mis-Guided Tour

Back in the summer of 2019 BC (Before Covid) I took a misguided tour of Newark.

The delicious coffee and snack before leaving Carriages Cafe was very welcome and included in the price.

We met our “Guide” there and then set off on a walk over the Newark Bridge, 7 of us with our “Guide”, who was kitted out in Edwardian splendour.

The aim of the tour is to walk the Castle grounds, the surrounding ancient streets and market place of central Newark, finishing at the magnificent Parish Church of St. Mary’s. And there are surprises along the way in the small alleys and yards.

The architecture of Newark ranges from medieaval,through plenty of Georgian, Victorian and some art-deco.

It helps if you know Newark a bit (or a lot) as the guide has a droll and witty way of describing it, and you will need to be on your toes to work out the clues, facts and jokes! It was a very entertaining hour.

Jenni Harding

I would just like to thank you for such a fantastic experience. Before booking the tour we didn’t know what to expect, and we were so happy we came! Professor Bryan was fantastic, what a hilarious and charismatic guide.

The walking tour itself was beautiful, Newark has so many beautiful corners that I never knew existed (despite being fairly local).

There was not a dull moment and the time flew by. I can’t wait to bring my sister to a tour the next time.

Thanks again for such a wonderful time

Rhiannon C

My friend and I had such a good time on the Newark misguided tour. We really didn’t know what to expect, but right from the start it got our attention and got us smiling! Full of tongue in cheek humour, quirky facts and a good dose of the theatrical the host kept us on our toes as we were guided through the streets of Newark and learning about it’s not so well known history. We would definitely highly recommend this event.

There was not a dull moment and the time flew by. I can’t wait to bring my sister to a tour the next time.

Thanks again for such a wonderful time

Chris & Liz